Micro management is the devil!

I’ve been trying to focus less and less on the passive aggressive bullshit that my boss has turned into an art.

Somedays, I laugh it off because I know that it won’t do any good to get frustrated but some days, his juvenile antics make me question if he’s finally killed enough brain cells to qualify as a talking monkey.

A few weeks ago I talked about how he waited to give me the latest proficiency samples to process and test for our yearly accreditation. I was sweating it. I had worked myself into a frenzy afraid that he’d finally figured out a way to demote me or fire me.

Now, a lot of people have asked if he treats me the way he does because I’m gay. In his defense, he’s not at all prejudice. He’s a douche to everyone.

Well, I got us an extension. Ordered the equipment, assigned my two best technicians to perform the testing and got it done. I checked and double checked the equations and submitted the info. We got our results and we ACED it!!

So, what does he do today? He kicks back all the reports and tells me to redo the math, document all the equipment used and attach a hard copy of the calibration to the work reports.

Mind you, this is NOT standard protocol. In fact, we are encouraged to do all of this electronically to save paper.

Did I document this information electronically? Yes. Did I submit my results to him to keep him in the loop? Yes.

I’m leaving early today. Jenny and I will be traveling to Louisiana tonight. After the week we’ve both had (especially her with the testing at school) we need a little time to escape.

I submitted my request last week to leave at 2:30 (1.5 hours earlier than normal) and it was approved. On Monday, I sent out an email to the entire office to state, “I’ll be leaving at 2:30 pm on Friday. If anything needs to be addressed or dealt with, outside of my normal duties, please let me know before Friday.”

Then yesterday I send a similar reminder (he’s really good at deleting emails from me and the other supervisor w/o reading them)

This morning I sent one that said, “I will make sure all reports and weekend assignments are completed before leaving. I will be out of pocket from 2:30 Friday until Monday morning.”

That’s when it came in. “Giving notification that you’ll be leaving early the day you intend to leave is unprofessional and unacceptable. In the future give ample notice so arrangements can be made to cover your duties.” this of course was sent to the entire office.

Now, here’s where it gets good. I compose what I feel is an acceptably professional response. I scan the leave request form that he signed and attach it and the other emails that I distributed. The body of the email said, “Asshat, (no, I used his real name) on Thursday, Dec. 8, I submitted my leave request that was signed and returned to me on Dec. 9. I am attaching the follow up and reminder emails that I have sent. Please note the dates and times. Thank you.”

Well, apparently his shenanigans are getting to everyone. Because the group emails I sent out were forwarded to him by 4 other people including his boss.

I was just told, “Anytime I try to discuss something with you, you just want to argue. I’m tired of you dragging everyone in the office into our discussions.”

Is it me or does he seem like the bully on the playground who is going to take his ball and go home cause shit didn’t go his way?? Lol.


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