Things that make me smile.

I’m trying to be more positive with my outlook on life.

One of the things I’ve been doing, is reminding myself of the things that make me smile throughout the day.

Here’s my latest list.

1. The way Jenny has to hug me as soon as I come home from work.

2. The way Louie will detail imaginary conversations that she has with the pigs. Complete with different voices and attitudes for each one.

3. That first cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.

4. The way my lab techs dance around the lab when Asshat takes off early.

5. Justin Beiber. (not really but I wanted to see if you were paying attention)

6. A great fitting pair of jeans.

7. The way the two girls, Huey and Louie will sit and laugh at nothing

8. My dog. Yes, he is my best friend.

9. My best friend. We actually refer to each other as BFAM’s. When she’s dating and happy, she wants everyone to be in love. When she’s single, all women are vultures. It’s hilarious.

10. Coupons for shit we actually buy.

11. That new car smell. (with 6 kids I only get to smell it when I go to look at cars. Lol)

12. A full tank of gas. Yes, there’s something soothing about knowing you’ve got enough to get you there.

13. The stocking hangers.

And of course….. 14. When Asshat leaves early!!

What little, nondescript things make you smile?


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