So, are you a glutton for punishment?

It never ceases to amaze me just how much emotional pain some people are willing to inflict upon themselves.

When a relationship ends, it’s painful. You find yourself feeling hurt, angry, confused and sometimes even betrayed. If it ends because the other party chose to walk away, those feelings are intensified.

If anyone is an expert on broken hearts, it’s me. I’ve checked the Facebook page, clicked on the pictures and sent pointless texts claiming a self righteous injustice in an effort to initiate conversation.

It’s what we do in order to “Move on”. Or so we believe. In all actuality it only delays the closure that is needed to truly HEAL.

One thing I never did was be cruel or hurtful. I never blamed anyone for my situation or position in life. Why? Because I make the choices that guide the direction of my life. People may help influence them but I make the choice. It’s all on me. If I want to live somewhere else but don’t, that’s my fear. If I have isolated myself from friends, that’s a choice I made.

So, I’m sending a message to someone that I feel doesn’t get the full extent of my devotion to my girl.

Read our blogs. Check twitter and Facebook. You’ll get the trivial little trinkets back if they mean more to you than they do her.

But move on. Let go.

Yes. I gave her a ring and asked her to marry me. Yes, she accepted. And yes, we are moving forward with our life together.

You can continue to make yourself miserable. But, what do you really gain? More anger? Jealousy or resentment? Personally, I’d rather let go and move on and allow myself to be filled with feelings that are much lighter, than be weighed down by misery.


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