It’s official now.

I’ve spent the past several months searching for the perfect ring for Jenny.

I tried to subtly ask what preferences she had. Yellow gold or white gold? Diamonds? Setting style? I discovered the decisions are almost endless.

Finally, I picked out the perfect one. She loves her birthstone: peridot. She also prefers white gold or silver to yellow gold. Nothing in a “unique” setting. No heart shapes, no funky modern designs. She prefers a traditional looking, classic ring.


I picked out what I thought was the perfect card. Placed them strategically where she would find them, and patiently waited. When she discovered them, she was speechless. I was nervous because I didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing. But then she turned around and gave me a hug so big I thought she was going to break my neck.

Then the moment of truth came… After months of searching, planning, saving and covertly employing the help of Huey and Louie to find out her size, I took the ring out of the box and began to place it on her hand…

It didn’t fit. DAMNIT!! Apparently, the rings that Huey used to determine her ring size were ones that were too small so I ordered a ring that wouldn’t fit. Ughhhh!!

I was disappointed. But not nearly as much as Jenny was.

So Saturday morning, we woke up, took it to the jewelers to be resized. This Friday my beautiful girl will have my ring on her hand!!


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