Since I have a few minutes.

I haven’t sat down to blog in a few days, so I thought I’d give everyone (or anyone) an update on our little world.

I didn’t lose my job. In fact, I didn’t even get an ass chewing. When I realized what Asshat had done to me, I immediately emailed the certification board and requested an extension. Luckily, I got one. So, that little disaster was avoided.

On Tuesday afternoon, I left work at 3 to go get Louie. I was about 20 minutes from her school when Asshat called to tell me I had to turn around and come back to the office, because the head of HR from our corporate office was here and he wanted us to all have a meeting that day. I still get pissed, just thinking about it. Needless to say, my kiddo sat out in the cold for an hour, was late to her FFA thing and decided that, that was her final straw.

She got in trouble in Saturday. She’s been hanging out with some not so great kids, skipping a class here and there and is failing one class. So, I got on to her. Told her that for a while, she will not be left unsupervised.

Well, she decided to call her dad and explain all the ways that Jenny and I make her life miserable and then tell him he needs to come get her.

Now, my wasband is a guy that has told his current girlfriend, “of course we’ll get married” in an effort to avoid any confrontation. So of course he told her “ok”.

Now, unlike Jenny, me and my wasband do not have joint anything. I have custody. I decide her place of residence, make decisions about her education, medical treatment, and all other pertinent decisions. See, my wasband is a recovering addict w a criminal record. So the judge set it up that way and even stated in there that the kids don’t get a say.

I tried explaining this to her and her response was, “Dad said I could. So you’ll see.”. After I had my heated debate with her, (ok, it was a screaming match) I called him. Only to remind him that making promises that he can’t keep only causes more tension.

Well, today she seems fine. I get irritated that some of the kids will have these “episodes” and then a day or two later act like it never happened.

But for now, she still isn’t allowed to be left unsupervised, is still expected to do her chores and school work, and be respectful.

She’ll go along fine for a while until something doesn’t go her way again, then there’ll be another explosion from hurricane Louie. Until then, I’ll just try to get through the holidays!


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