Let’s see how today goes.

Yesterday was a rough day at work. I’ve talked about my boss and the gray area that he likes to play in.

I’ve never tried to hide my disapproval at his unethical and unprofessional practices but for the most part I just kept my mouth shut and tried to do my job.

For a long time I thought I was failing at my job because I just couldn’t do it. I thought all the years I’d already spent in a supervisory position hadn’t prepared me for the private sector.

Then, after a string of mistakes that were brought on by him refusing to give me pertinent information, lying about deadlines and objectives, and flat out directing the work incorrectly, I came to the realization that this man is the type who only feels success from others failures.

I became very disillusioned. I got up every day. Went to work and did my job the best way that I could. I made sure our clients needs were met, took care of the scheduling and tried to take care of my technicians.

I didn’t go above and beyond anymore. I didn’t work 80 or 90 hours a week to do the work that wasn’t getting done because he was expecting me to fill in for the staff that had quit.

I had the duties of our secretary, our office manager, our fleet manager, the field supervisor and my original duties as lab supervisor placed on my shoulders. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated. I felt as though I’d been set up to fail.

In a staff meeting one day I asked him, “How am I supposed to get all of these additional tasks completed without any assistance?” his response was a smug and condescending, “your the supervisor. Figure it out.”

Well, yesterday he may have pushed the envelope to the point that I really don’t know what direction my career is going to take.

One of my duties is to ensure that we complete a proficiency test twice a year on materials that are sent to us by a government agency. This testing helps us maintain our accreditation.

Yesterday he sends me an email telling me that we need to complete this testing on our concrete design.

I begin going over the instructions only to discover that the deadline is Friday at 5 pm. That might not be a big deal, except that we have one test we have to perform that takes 7 calendar days. Yep. You can do the math. If we do it today, we still won’t be done in time.

Maybe this is what he wanted. An excuse to fire me. An example of how I’m “incompetent”.

Losing this job would not be the end of the world. I’d find something else, but right now, I’d rather not put that type of stress and concern on Jenny. I’ve been looking for something else. I’ve been trying to do my job and take care of the family while not snapping from all the demands I feel are put on me.

What am I going to do? I really don’t know. If I lose my job now I’m left without a vehicle (I have a truck that my company pays for), no source of income (even unemployment is hard to get in Texas unless you are “laid off”), and no medical benefits for the kids.

Today we’ll see what happens. Yes, he made the mistake. But after all that’s happened, his reasoning will be “you’re the lab supervisor” and if I can’t do the job that is in my contract, they may not care that it’s because of all the additional duties that have been placed on top of me.

If I can’t do the one job I was hired to do, because I’m trying to juggle the jobs of 3 other positions, it may not make any difference to those higher up on the food chain.

It’s just after 5 am. I should have been up and dressed by now but I felt the need to get this off my chest. I haven’t slept much and was a bear to the people around me last night.

I really hate not having a plan “B”


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