Pretty pretty please.

First and foremost, I’m going to go off on a tangent. If you are sensitive and don’t like to hear the “F” bomb or horrible afflictions being wished upon someone, please stop here….

Ok. You asked for it. Here we go!

Jenny and I are dealing with a lot right now. This is my first Christmas without my mom. The family is going to basically be split up because of custody agreements with the wasbands. And work is making both of us stress.

Tonight I think I finally hit my limit. The bear is being poked and sadly, the people doing the poking have never even met me or bothered to get to know me. (not smart if they believe I’m a roll over and take it kinda person. There’s nothing passive about my aggression!!)

My Jenny is a good girl. When I say that, it’s not some cliche that I use to emphasize the fact that she’s sweet and gentle. She really is a “good girl”.

Before she came out 3 years ago, she was actually a Christian missionary. Her and her family lived in The Middle East and were over there for the purpose of converting the people to the Christian faith.

About a year before she came back to the U.S., she began having a crisis of faith. She knew she was a Christian but she also knew she was a lesbian. In her mind, she’d never been able to see that those two things could co exist in one person at the same time.

Well, when she came out and got her divorce, the majority of her family was stunned but continued to have contact with her. All but her sister.

Now, in her sisters defense (this will be the first and last time I ever say anything in her defense), I’ve never met her and know only what I’ve heard and seen. But then again, that’s more credit than she’s bothered to give me. She’s never met me either, but at least I’m willing to have an introduction. She’s scared to death she’ll catch gay. It is contagious, after all.

Well, in the beginning, her dad told her that they didn’t approve and did not ever want to meet anyone she was dating or even talk about them. She reluctantly agreed.

Several months ago, her sister was reading her blog. Jenny had mentioned me and our relationship. She talked about how she loves me and that we were making plans to move in together when our leases are up.

You’d have thought she held the hammer that nailed Christ to the cross!! Her sister then told her parents, brothers and who knows, who else about the blog. Ever since that day (it was in September) her family has not spoken to her.

She will initiate contact with her dad and brothers from time to time with little to no response. I take that back. Her one brother was very supportive of her. They’ve never been big communicators, but she was thrilled when he began texting his words of love and encouragement to her.

Well, thanksgiving has come and gone. All holiday wishes between them were initiated by Jenny and were cold and distant.

Now Christmas is upon us and it’s not any “worse” but in a way it is.

This weekend, her wasband was invited to bring all the kids over to build ginger bread houses at Jenny’s parents home. This was something that Jenny, herself, began several years ago as a way for the family to have a little fun and get together at Christmas time.

No one told us. No one asked if we had plans with the kids. Jenny stood there in awe as her oldest son told her he was busy because of this prior commitment.

Did I mention the dad does NOT have sole custody? It’s joint. Literally down the line, joint.

The fact that he had the balls to make those plans without consulting her pissed me plum the fuck off!!

To add insult to injury, her sister posted pictures of all of the kids on her blog. They were in aprons, decorating the houses, making cookies, all without their mom and at her parents house.

WOW! Talk about a group of self righteous fuckers! They are too good to associate with the lowly dykes. The same ones that feed these kids at least 5 nights a week. Clothe them (because dear ol dad can’t be bothered with petty chores like shopping) and usually run them to all the destinations that they have to be at. Let’s not forget the ones who take care of the prescriptions for the kids, making sure they have lunch money, they have a birthday celebration, hair cuts, doctors appointments, etc. (yeah. I’m venting. Cause I’m tired of hearing all the breeders talk about how the wasband does so much and he really doesn’t do shit! And all for about 1% of his monthly income in child support.)

Let’s talk about that. Yeah, they’re his kids. But when MY wasband is telling Jenny to take his ass back to court, then she’s definitely getting the short end of the stick!

As Shemp put it, “I’m paying more to feed his kids than he is!”

So here’s my Christmas wish… I wish that her sister gets a scorching case of herpes from some public toilet seat. That her wasband finds his ass confronted about exactly what he does for his kids. And that her mom and dad wake the fuck up!

She’s your child. She not damaged or broken and she sure as hell isn’t disposable.

If that’s what YOU’RE God preaches, I’ll stick to mine.

Thank you very much.


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