Sex dreams!

Ok. Let’s talk about dreams. More specifically SEX DREAMS!

Jenny and I were both feeling pretty icky today so she stayed home and I left work after a few hours.

When I got back home we both climbed back in to bed and just tried to sleep our crud away.

When we got up, she told me about some dreams that she’d had. They were sweet, sentimental dreams about her mom. I can’t really remember what I dreamt about but I remember waking up feeling peaceful. No nightmares or scary visions. No haunting images of work that isn’t being done in my absence. And no sex dreams!

Before Jenny and I got together, I was a sex dream god! Had them ALL the time. I’d wake up in a feverish sweat and feel AWESOME!

Now that I’m actually involved in a pretty amazing sexual relationship, (hell, if she can talk about our sex life, so can I!)I don’t seem to go to that particular happy place in my dreams very often.

Don’t get me wrong. The real thing is WAAAY better than the dream. (just to interject. Jenny is currently reading a marinated cheese recipe to me. Think she’ll be surprised when she reads this??) But I do have to say, I kinda miss them.

Yes, I have an inordinately high libido. (welcome to a lot more about me than you thought you’d ever know!) I like sex. I went through my “hit it and quit it” phase in my early years after coming out in college. I’ve been in 4 significant relationships in my adult life (counting Jenny) and have realized that a healthy, monogamous sexual relationship is awesome!

But some days, a sex dream just makes waking up a lot more enjoyable.

I imagine it’s like a guy who is married but still feels the need to masturbate from time to time.

What are my dreams about? Funny. They’ve never involved anyone that I know. It’s usually nameless faceless women. There’s nothing kinky or weird. No real “story line”. But there’s that feeling of “AHHH” when I wake up.

Now does this mean I don’t enjoy sex with Jenny? HELL NO (I’m sorry to those of you who know her. Now you’ll have to see her in a whole new light.)

Our sex life is AMAZING! I can honestly say that if one of the nameless faceless women in my sex dreams was her, I’d be perfectly ecstatic about that.

I guess the fact that I’m not having these dreams means that, that part of our relationship is just fine. There’s no need for my subconscious brain to help supplement real life.

Whatever the case, I think about them from time to time and wonder if they are a part of my single days that are gone forever. If so, I’ll be sad. But I’ll learn to live without them.

I have a sneaking suspicion, though, that they will creep in from time to time; when I least expect it and I’ll be forced to wake Jenny up at some odd ball hour of the night just to…. Well, you can figure this one out, I’m sure.



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