Who the hell is reading this thing?

Since I’ve been blogging, I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from people. I’ve also gotten some of those weird “spammy” ones too. You know. They read something like this…. “I want to say that I enjoy reading you blog. It make me smile each day. I have viagra for half what you pay at you pharmacy.”

Yeah. I’m betting those aren’t really meant for me. After all, I doubt it’s HALF what I’m already paying.

Most of my blogs are done from my phone. Every once in a while I’ll pull out the laptop and post but those occasions are few and far between. One day Jenny was showing me the “stats” on my blog. I’d figured out the number of views, most popular posts, etc. but what I really found interesting was the searches that people did to find themselves reading my blog.

Some are the standards. Txbridgefarmer. Makes sense. It’s also on my facebook page and it’s an email address. So yeah, if someone punched that in, it would bring them here. Another was “kolaches in Wichita Falls” I’m going to assume that someone was hankering for a pig in a blanket and just punched it in. Little did they know they’d end up reading about my morning with Jenny.

The ones that really cause me to question just exactly what people are looking for are the ones that are completely off the wall. For example? “Both had to pee” Now, I knew what post this brought up. I was talking about our camping trip. BUT. What on earth would someone be looking for that typing in the phrase “both had to pee” would take them to their internet destination?

Not sure, but maybe it was this guy?

The next one that caught my attention and made me a little leery? “Tater Texas”. Is this a town? Some tiny little place that is so scenic it doesn’t even show up on any of my keymaps?

And who lives here?

Mr. and Mrs. Nascar? Perhaps. But who am I to judge? Some people don’t have a fork in their family tree. Personally, I’d put a little chlorine into my gene pool, but hey, I’m GAY. I doubt they think that I’m a real winner either.

Jenny Shemp. Whoever you are. Wherever you may be. Someone is looking for you and damnit, they keep getting my blog. So, put up a facebook page, take out an ad on Craigslist or something so these people can locate you and stop getting annoyed when they realize that you aren’t the topic of discussion in my house.

Whoever reads my blog, welcome! I make no claims to be politically correct, polite or promise to not use profanity. (shit, you’ve probably already noticed that one), but you are invited to comment, laugh, push block or otherwise enjoy yourself while you are here. You won’t find any porn (I bet that one shows up next time) or anything that’s going to make you say, “Hey! She’s talking about me”. Unless you are my Asshat boss. In that case? All bets are off.


8 thoughts on “Who the hell is reading this thing?

  1. I’ve noticed lots of bizarre search terms that have led to my blog, too. The other day I noticed something weird … someone had used Google Arabic to get to my blog. That one was a head scratcher.

    Thanks for becoming Good Humored!

    • Of course. I can’t count how many times I’ve typed in that same phrase. My favorite one today was, “I don’t need anger management”. Not just plain ‘ol “Anger management”. Lol

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