Random conversations at our house.

Me: I can’t see the pig. Where’d he go? Did he just esplode or somefin?

Louie: that would be an odd side effect to the anesthesia!

Moe: Hey! We didn’t get Papadeaux’s for lunch!!

Jenny: Only people with pig crap on them got to eat Papadeaux’s!!

Louie: Your check engine light just came on. You need to see about that?

Huey: naw. Happens all the time…. Crap, why is my car dying??!!

Jenny: if we have to make a car payment why don’t we get some cheap little car for Huey and Moe to share?

Me: Hello!! Her car is dead. I don’t want to make a car payment on a vehicle that sits at the shop cause she didn’t think “service engine soon” was meant for her!

Curly:OMG!! His butt is leaking!!

Louie: he’s a pig. That’s what pigs do!! That’s ALL pigs do!!

(as MY transmission makes a jerking sound)

Jenny: (speaking in a gentle tone to the truck) Now don’t you break down too. We can’t afford another repair bill.

Me: Honey, it’s a company truck. I’m the supervisor. I’ll just assign myself another one.

Jenny: Oh. That’s right.

Jenny: Man I’m tired. I had to deal with a pig all morning.

Me: So did I. Well, actually I dealt with a jackass. Still livestock, though.

Larry: I’m so hungry!!

Me: Quick!! Feed the boy before his tapeworm dies!!


Moe: You made spicy beef?!?!?!

Jenny: we feed y’all 6 nights a week. You can have soup at your dads for one night! Besides I didn’t want to interfere with you planning “Madden”

And a random post I saw today on Facebook.

I don’t need anger management classes. You need shut the fuck up classes!



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