What a day!!

When I woke up this morning I felt like crap. Coughing, feverish, stopped up, achy, head pounding. I’ve been trying to shake this crud for a few days now.

All I wanted to do was crawl back in bed. Luckily, I have the bestest girl in the whole world so she was willing to let me do just that.

So, we tell the girls, (Huey and Louie) that we need them to go to the barn to feed the pigs.

Off they go. Cheerful and happy. Hi-Ho!!

About 20 minutes later I get a call. Me. Not Jenny. Not the wasband. Me.

Me: “Hello?”

Louie: “OMG! The car died!! In the middle of the road!! Help us? We can’t get it to start or turn or the brakes to work. What do we do??”

Me: “calm down. Where are you? Did you get it off the road? Ok. I’ll come get you”

Louie: “thank you, Mommie”

So, I get up, dress and head off to retrieve my kiddos.

When I get there I’m amazed at what I see. Huey has managed to not only veer it off the road to the shoulder, but has got it perfectly straight and straddling the ditch.


So I look under the hood and discover it’s the alternator. I asked a few extra questions as I was on the way to pick the girls up, and had suspected that was the problem.

Alternator is a pretty easy and inexpensive fix. The truck has almost 200k on it so it’s no surprise that stuffs going out on it.

I called a few parts stores and discovered that a new alternator would cost about 80 bucks. We have AAA so towing it to my house would be free. In a few short hours we could have Huey mobile again.

There was a hitch. The car legally belongs to Jenny’s wasband. It’s registered in his name. So we decided to let him know what was going on, give him the options and let him decide what to do.

A few weeks ago the same vehicle blew a gasket. It was the one on the oil pan under the car. Again, I stated the obvious to Jenny. “it’s a $14 part, then I’d have to replace the oil but it’ll cost about 25 bucks but I can have it fixed in an hour”. What did the wasband say? “No. I’ll take care of it.”

Three days later he retrieves the vehicle after paying to have it towed, and paid 150 bucks to have a gasket replaced.

Today he decided to have it towed, and let the shop fix it. If the truck was under warranty, I could understand. I even have a certain amount of understanding about where he’s coming from. He’s uncomfortable letting his ex wife’s girlfriend fix his car. It’s a man thing.

What I will never understand is that whole pride thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a prideful person. But I will gladly except a helping hand especially if it will save me several hundred bucks.

Well, the tow trucks here. Poor guy is trying to figure out how to get the truck out of the ditch.

Guess we’ll see if my diagnosis was right.


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