Saturdays are supposed to be a day off!

Jenny and I work our asses off during the week. She’s a 5th grade teacher and I do my engineering thing, then we have the 5 kids that still live at home to contend with.

Our schedules with kids, work, pigs and other obligations keep us from sometimes doing the things most people take for granted. Like hair cuts. In the past 6 months all of the kids have had several haircuts. The boys, especially Moe like to keep theirs short, so it’s a pretty common errand.

Jenny and I have had… Let me think… Ummm… Oh yeah.. None, in the past 6 months. Crazy, huh?

I may be wrong about her, but I know for a fact that I haven’t had a hair cut since I moved from Montrose to Spring and that was 7 months ago. I distinctly remember getting my haircut last Christmas because I thought at the time, “I just paid 30 bucks for that?” (have you seen my hair? A beauty school drop out could give me the cut I prefer. Hell, a Flobee would probably get the job done)

Another thing is oil changes. The van has been done recently because we had it in for service and just had them do it. My truck, however, is always in use (work, getting feed, getting hay, etc) so it’s overdue.

Also, for those that noticed recent pics of me, I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot lately. That’s because I ran out of contacts and haven’t gone to pick then up yet. (they were ordered a month ago)

So today the kids have all been shuffled off to their dads, except Louie, who is at my house preparing for her dad and Dewey to visit for Thanksgiving. It was her choice. I’m not violating any child labor laws here, people.

While we have this “break” we will be knocking out the items on our ‘to do’ list.

First, drop off the truck. Then contacts, haircut, Home Depot, grocery store (these ppl won’t feed themselves) and whatever we think we need to do.

Seeing that our alone time is so scarce, I think I may take time out to take my girl to a nice lunch somewhere. God knows she deserves to be pampered!!


2 thoughts on “Saturdays are supposed to be a day off!

  1. I spent from 9am – 3 pm on Saturday at school doing stupid marking (and also whining about it, hey can you tell?) – I SO resent it when weekends are taken up with things that I figure should strictly be categorized as weekday work. I don’t even have kids so I can’t imagine having to do all the running around necessary for other people, let alone for just me. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

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