Three cheers!

Let me take a moment to brag about my girl, Jenny. (we all are aware that her real name is Natalie but since she gave me an alias, she’s stuck with one too)

Last night we brought our Houston hog back from New Braunfels. Now for those that aren’t familiar with the show pig circuit, the HLSR is HUGE!

Grand champion hogs have auctioned for as much as 9 grand in the past.

Not bad for an initial investment of $300.

The pig we got is a male, or a barrow. All male pigs MUST be castrated. They get mean if you don’t.

The breeder was supposed to do this for us, but didn’t. Ok, an inconvenience but no big deal. It just means that either I have to do it myself or take him to the vet.

If I do it myself, it will freak out the girls at the barn who witness it. They almost stroked when they saw me carrying him in by his hind legs, upside down. (it keeps them calm. Don’t go calling PETA)

So, he has an appointment for Monday to have his manhood removed.

Since the vet doesn’t open until 8, and I have to be at work by 7, I was afraid I’d have to take a few hours off work. Just what my boss needs. Another excuse to be pissy.

As I’m explaining all this to Jenny, she cheerfully and excitedly offers to take little Boomer to the vets.

Now, how many people can say they’re girlfriend took the pig to the doctor in the minivan??

I have images of the Geico commercial running through my head right now…


So, Monday morning, my beautiful Jenny will load up Boomer and head to Conroe. No, I don’t expect her to carry him around by his back legs. I’ll do that for her.

I do, however, expect her to blog about it. That should be interesting.


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