Dear Asshat.

So we’ve talked about my boss in the past. He’s an ass. That’s nothing new. But the level of arrogance this man has is astounding. (that’s saying a lot because I too have a pretty big ego)

We test construction materials where I work. Concrete, asphalt, aggregates, steel, etc. I am the supervisor over the lab.

Now just because I’m the supervisor, does not mean I know more than anyone. On the contrary. I think I was made supervisor because I know a little about all of it, but trust my techs to direct the majority of the work in their field of specialty.

Thats the case with Chain. He’s brilliant. I call him the dirt whisperer. The man can literally hold a sample of dirt in his hand, roll it between his fingers and tell me, “The optimum moisture will fall between 8 and 10 % so I’d start with 7”

Nine times out of ten, he’s dead on.

Today he came to me and said “I’m getting ready to the barium sulfide wash on the aggregate. How do you want me to dispose of it?”

For those that don’t know, barium sulfide is toxic, and flammable once hydrated. It’s also an environmental toxin. So there are specific regulations to disposal.

So, I email my boss. “Do we have an outside agency on contract that we use to dispose of hazardous wastes or do I need to just call someone and get a PO?”

His response?

“Don’t waste money on that. Just flush it down the drain. We’ve done it in the past. It won’t ruin the pipes”


I’m not worried about the fucking plumbing you jackass!! I’m more concerned with the fact that you look at our planet like it’s a toilet!!

I’ve got kids that drink this water!! Fuck you!!

So what did I do? I called a disposal company anyways. He’s gonna be pissed, but so what.

The dumb fucker put it in WRITING that he was giving me a direct order to violate God knows how many federal laws.

Shit like this is why he should be sterilized!!


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