Bravo to the ladies up front.

Yes, I’ve shared my thoughts with you once today but I felt the urge to write about this…

Our office has experienced a huge turn over rate lately. Why? Because my boss thinks that the HR department is his personal pimp.

He literally has 3 sexual harassment suits against him right now. The fact that he hasn’t been fired means he’s either got naked pictures of the owner screwing a goat, or he is the best bullshitter this side of the moon.

Either way, he is trying to keep himself in check most days.

Every once in a while he slips up. He’ll make some comment about how the receptionist can find out first hand that he “sleeps with his boots on” or he’ll brush the hair out of the construction secretaries face. (yeah, that’s appropriate)

All three of the ladies up front were hired about the same time a few months ago.

Sadly, I didn’t even try to get to know them well because I had seen 6 women I’d come to call friends quit, because of the unwanted advances.

Well, recently, my boss has been taking a few hours here and there for personal time. The atmosphere at work is dramatically different. I find myself laughing and joking with the lab techs. Cracking jokes with the field techs. And I’ve even spent more time helping the ladies up front with some of the more confusing aspects of their job.

None have ever worked in the construction industry so when they get a report or invoice that has something technical on it, they’re lost.

Well, Dee is my secretary. But my boss likes to act as if she’s one of his many personal assistants. Because of that, she’s been doing a lot of stuff that’s NOT her job and I’ve been doing what she’s supposed to do. (I figured she’d quit soon too, so why get used to having a secretary)

Well, with him gone, she and I were doing OUR jobs. It was great. She’s smart, eager and has a terrific sense of humor. Best of all, she’s not at all sensitive.

I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. I hear words like fuck, damn, puta, shitsnack, etc. all day long. But I do keep it pg for their sake and for the sake of professionalism.

Well, Dee impressed even a stone cold cynic like me.

Ashhat lost his keys when he got to the office. He spent about 20 minutes looking around frantically for them. He finally got frustrated and told her, “Find my keys. I’ve got reports to bill!”

She looked at him, dropped her head, raised her eyebrows, and boldly proclaimed, “My uterus is not a gps tracking device for your lost crap!” and went back to her work!

Bravo, Dee!! I am taking her to lunch when I get back from Ssn Antonio on Friday!!


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