Another day in paradise

I have 2 daughters. One is 18 (Dewey) the other 16 (Louie).

You may remember me talking about how we went to Austin to visit Dewey a few weeks back. She had moved back to Austin from Pierre Part, LA to be close to her boyfriend and the friends she had grown up with.

Well, yesterday I was told that she’s moving back to Louisiana to live with her dad.

Apparently she decided that working 2 jobs to support her boyfriend and his family wasn’t ideal for her.

I had encouraged her to think long and hard about this before she made the move, initially. But she was convinced it was love. Now she’s convinced she deserves better. Something her dad and I have always told her.

I hate the fact that sometimes we have to let our kids fall down. I know that both of us were tempted many times to rush in and save her but decided that she needed to do this.

So, Shemp (why not give her dad a colorful alias as well?) is in Austin. He’s loading up her furniture and preparing for the long trek back to Pierre Part.

For the record, Shemp and I are the best of friends. We didn’t have a traditional marriage but we did bring two amazingly beautiful and gifted children into this world. As much as I’d like to take full credit for them, he did contribute.


That’s us at Christmas last year. Yep. We still try to celebrate holidays together.

People shake their heads and can’t seem to wrap their brains around our relationship. They believe that when you get divorced, you should be filled with anger and hate. But why? I never wanted my kids to think their dad was less than he was and I’d hate for them to have an unflattering opinion of me.

So Shemp and I are friends.

In fact he came by the house at 3 this morning to drop some things off for me. I gave him gas money to help contribute to the relocation expenses of our kiddo, a few excedrin to help him get over his headache and the last diet coke in the fridge. (which reminds me. Jenny, Shemp drank your diet coke. Sorry)

On their way back to Louisiana they plan to stop at the house to sleep for a few hours. Then, if they have time, we are all having dinner at Jenny’s apartment.

It may seem like am awkward scenario. My wasband, two kids, new girlfriend and her kids sitting down to dinner.

But you have just got to know Shemp. This guy has been known to buy Christmas presents for the kids of whoever I’m dating, just so they don’t feel left out on Christmas day. He’s taken my girlfriends kids to the zoo, parks, and any other outings, just because they were family now.


He always makes it easier to get through a tough situation. Granted, he is sometimes the cause of those situations because of his almost childlike naiveté but he tries.

Jenny’s wasband is a good guy. But the reality is that he’s still human. He has his outbursts every once in a while in an attempt to be cruel and hurtful. He’s sometimes cold and distant. And although she doesn’t believe he’s capable of it, I worry that things will get worse before they get better.

Hopefully seeing the way Shemp handles himself with our situation will help the kids and Jenny get through the rough patches that arise with her wasband.

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she??


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