Things that make me happy

I have a stressful, unrewarding job.

It pays well but my asshat boss makes it a really miserable place to be at most days. Today is no exception. On days like today, I remind myself that at least I have a job and try to remember all the little things in a day that make me smile.

I’ve made a list so the next time I feel homicidal, I can look back at it and find the motivation I need to stay out of prison.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1. The post it notes Jenny leaves for me.
She will put them in my ashtray, on the mirror in the bathroom, my lunchbox, or wherever else she knows I’ll find them.
I save them. It helps make me smile to look back and see them stuck up on the cabinet or on the dash of my truck.

2. Meat.
Yes, I said meat. I have inadvertently put myself on the Atkins diet in the past because of my love of a good cut of meat. When my kids were at their dads for the summer I ate only meat. When I dropped 10 lbs in about a week I freaked. My doctor quickly diagnosed the problem and I was back on track.

3. Books.
Jenny has a Kindle, and while I can see the usefulness of these devices, I feel better reading an actual book. For some reason I am more comfortable going to my book shelf and pulling out a specification manual than reading it online. I’m not sure why. I also prefer to pull out the actual novel I’m reading and flip through the pages than stare at a screen.

4. Water
Not drinking water but the recreational type.
I could sit on the beach, by a pool, at the lake, on a boat or just lay by a pond all day. There’s something comforting about it. Even the rain makes me smile.

5. Coffee.
Yes, I am a frequent flyer at Starbucks. But I don’t typically drink the latest venti mocha frappa whatever. I always order a grande vanilla pike w room for cream. It’s simple. Slightly sweet and constant.

6. Meat
Yes, I’ve mentioned it before but I am a carnivore. Hell, what do you think we raise pigs for?

7. My dog.
He’s a pain in my ass. He’s funny looking, hyper, demanding, but still obedient and lovable. He’s always happy to see me. When I first moved to Houston, he was the only thing that got me out of bed each day. Knowing that I was once just as dependent on him as he was on me forged a bond between us.
Louie says “if you really wanna know who loves you unconditionally, lock them and Riley in the trunk of your car. Come back in a week and see which one is happy to see you.”
It’s a twisted analogy but accurate.

8. A perfect fitting V neck white t shirt
They are actually pretty hard to find. Most are either too low cut or too see through. To find the perfect one takes patience. And when I do find one I usually buy several so I always have one.

9. Blue ball point pens.
I know most people have switched to gel pens but I prefer ball point. The gel smears and leaves clumps. I like blue, because I can distinguish between the original and a copy.

10. Jenny
She is my “go to” smile producer. We sometimes wear on each others nerves and don’t spend nearly as much time together as we’d like. But seeing a random text at 2 in the afternoon from her definitely makes me smile. Knowing that somehow my day will be brighter because she’s in it makes me push through.

What’s on your list?


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