The Rainbow Ranch

Jenny and I have made it back home. Much to our dismay, the kids did not find self sufficiency in our absence, we didn’t manage to win the lottery and none of our unfinished chores were done by a good natured stranger. Because of that, we must return to the daily grind in the morning.

But before we get back to it, let me share the wrap up of our “Great escape”

Day 1 (cont’d)

Now I left our story with Jenny and I snuggled up in the tent, braving the 30 + mile an hour wind gusts.

Well, we sat in the tent until about 1. I decided to get up and walk around a bit and see what all was going on. Most people had retreated to the safety of their tents, RV’s and cabins due to the wind.

For breakfast we had gone in to town and stopped at a little Mexican restaurant. Jenny ordered the Chicken fried steak (which was covered in the nastiest looking, lumpy gravy) and I got the Migas w chorizo. I figured if I’m in a Mexican place, I might as well eat like a native.

The Migas were delicious. Unfortunately, they didn’t like me as much as I liked them.

My stomach was killing me. You know that feeling where you’d rather just throw up and get it over with, than sit there in that miserable position for even a minute longer? Yep. That’s where I was. And to be honest, I had decided that if I had to “force” myself to hurl, I was gonna feel better so we could enjoy the rest of our stay.

I laid down in the tent for a bit. After a while I think the general knowledge that I would just toughen it out was enough to improve my situation.

Jenny and I decided to venture back to town. There were a few creature comforts we wanted to grab and I wanted to get something for my stomach.

By the time we get back, my tummy is much better, the wind had died down and all the other campers were out and about.

As we pull in to our campsite, we notice a couple setting up in the site previously occupied by Michelle and G. Stacy and LouAnn had already pounced on them to assist in setting up so I headed over. Partly to help, but partly to give them my knew disclaimer. “if we help you set up, you better not wake us up at 6 am screaming at each other and then bolt out of here. If you do, you will receive a bill for our time and labor”

Luckily these ladies were prepared. They brought 2 tents. No shit. One smaller on and then a large one the size of mine and Jenny’s.

So in the event of a lovers quarrel, they had a place to go.

It was almost time for the chili cook off to start. Jenny and I were sitting around, chatting with Stacy, LouAnn, Chappy and a very colorful drag queen named Tim.

When he first met us he walked over to us and acted as though he had known us for years. “Hello, beautiful!” he said to Jenny and walked over and gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. He’d never met either of us before but treated us as though we were life long friends.

Tim of course was going to be entering his “famous” chili in the contest. We had to give it a try.

As they announced the winners, Tim’s number wasn’t one of them. Now the chili’s were open to all the spectators to sample. Jenny and I tried the winning chili. It was NOT what I call chili. It was a shredded pork with beans and corn. Little to no “sauce”. It was more like something I’d put on a tortilla than in a bowl on a cold day.

My favorite was number 14. It was a shredded beef, beans and spicy. It was chili at it’s finest. It did win 2nd place so at least the judges had some idea of what chili should be.

Tim’s chili was number 5. And in all honesty, if I hadn’t been asked to try it, I would have run away. It was black. Seriously. Black.

Jenny got a big bowl of it. Topped it with some onion and cheese. We both braved the color and took a big spoonful. The proceeded to spit it right back out. The amount of alcohol in it alone was enough to give my good girl a buzz.

Apparently, he had put a cup of vodka AND cocoa in it. He wanted it to taste like mole. Well, it tasted like crap.

About 7 my stomach started to feel horrible again. I am going to blame Tim’s chili. After all, it couldn’t have possibly have helped.

This time it was more of a someone grabbing my gut, squeezing tight, and twisting kind of pain.

I decided to try to lay down again to see if it would help so I could be tip top in time for the music.

It didn’t. Unfortunately, I laid in bed, curled up in pain, hearing the music from the comfort of my tent.

Jenny did go over and enjoy some of the show. I felt bad enough that I couldn’t even stand up long enough to take her over to listen, I’d have been devastated if she’d have missed it all together because I was sick.

She finally came to bed, and we slept through the night.

Got up this morning, had coffee and breakfast and reluctantly decided to pack up and head home.

With all the mishaps, illness, weather, dust, and drama, it was an amazing weekend. It was so good, we’ve decided to rent a cabin and go back for the campgrounds new years bash.

As I’m sitting here on the couch getting ready for bed, I wish I was still in that tent with my beautiful girl.

Good night, all!


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