A trip to remember.

I promised to keep everyone posted on our weekend getaway. So, in an effort to never break a promise… Here we go!!

Day 1: We got to the campgrounds at just after 10 on Friday night. It’s already cold and dark. About 20 minutes from our destination, Jenny asks, “Did you bring a hammer?”. Well hell no. I was so focused on just getting the hell out of dodge to start our weekend away that I’m lucky I even remembered to pack my underwear. Actually, now that I think about it, Jenny packed my underwear. So never mind that argument.

We were so proud. We brought pots and pans. Some food (we decided to go into town to get the stuff rather than pack it). The tent, flashlights, air mattress. Clothes, electric blanket and extension cord. Everything BUT the hammer. Wtf? We’d be perfectly comfortable in our unsecured tent.

As we pull up, we had trouble finding our site so I had to get out and use the flashlight to find our spot. Once we find it we begin to set up.

As we are fumbling through the tent set up, our camping neighbors came over and what did they have? A lantern and HAMMER!! (insert angelic music here)

Two fellow Houstonian lesbians and their gay neighbor. They helped us set up and Stacy (my new best friend) offered me a beer.

As we got ready for bed, we start to head towards the bathroom. On the way we notice that Stacy, (my new best friend), LouAnn (her partner) and Chappy are helping another lesbian couple set up their tent. We decided to “pay it forward”. We go over, help them with their set up and introduce ourselves.

By coincidence these ladies are also from Houston. So we now think we have met 5 new friends, 3 hours from home that we would have never otherwise met, all because of a mutual love of camping and the urge to be good samaritans.

About midnight, all tents are up, mattress’ are inflated and we are ready for bed. And it was fckn cold.

But it was just me and Natti in our cozy little “love tent”. I was a happy (do I really wanna use the word camper here?) little bugger!!

This morning we both woke up feeling refreshed and rested. We saw the sun coming in through the translucent parts of the tent. Heard two birds chirping in unison. And the always welcoming sound of “FUCK YOU! Get your shit and get out of the tent. I don’t care how you get back to Houston!!”

Apparently our new friends, Michelle and G, were feeling a little discord. Maybe they didn’t find the fresh air and birds chirping at 6:30 as refreshing as we did. Or maybe it had something to do with a girl that someone was “looking at!”. Whatever the case, they were not happy and we all got to hear about it.

Jenny and I both had to pee. Bad! But the idea of walking through that scene made us decide we could wait.

Finally we got up, went to get dressed and decided to drive in to town to get some coffee and breakfast. At the very least we wouldn’t have to witness the Michelle and G drama hour.

We got our groceries, had breakfast, told different stories about the memories we had from when each of us lived in this area, several years ago (we both lived in the Waco area but at different times)

Finally we headed back.

We take few minutes to greet our neighbors Stacy, LouAnn and Chappy. They are just sitting down to breakfast so we said good morning and laughed about the “scene” that took place this morning. Apparently, they hadn’t heard any of it from the insulated comfort of their RV.

Jenny and I had to finish our check in since we’d arrived so late, and as we were walking out of the office we ran into Michelle. I smiled and gave her my cheeriest “Good morning” and it was returned with a scowl and a grunt.

Well, don’t be pissy with me, Ms Thing. Damn!

Jenny and I decided to go for a walk to check things out. We are hand in hand as we start to head down the trail and notice that the drama queens are packing things up to leave.

As we make a circle of the area we are camping in we decided that the wind is a little uncomfortable, so we head back.

Now, our stroll took MAYBE 7 minutes. But by the time we got back, the only evidence of Michelle and G was the dog stake and firewood that they left behind.

After all they work we did helping them get set up last night I almost feel I’d be justified in sending them a bill for my time.

But, at least we don’t have to walk on eggshells all weekend around them or worry about another tantrum at 6 am.

It’s now almost 1 pm. We’ve settled in and are sitting in the tent drinking coffee and hot chocolate waiting to see if the wind will die down.


Did I mention the wind? Yep. That’s me and Jenny being devoured by our tent.

We still have the hayride, concert and chili cook off tonight so it should be an eventful day!


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