Our great escape!

Jenny and I spend 90 % of our time away from work with kids up our ass.

Ok, maybe that’s not the most eloquent way to phrase it but it’s true.

A perfect example: Last night as soon as I got off work I had to rush home and take Louie to the barn so we could take care of the pig. Then we went to Jenny’s apartment for dinner. Most nights we eat over there because it doesn’t make much sense to have 2 grocery bills.

We tried that but ended up throwing at least 1/4 of the food we bought away because it went bad before we ate it. Now we just swap out who fixes dinner and cook at her place. That’s where 70 % of the diners are anyways so makes sense. At least to us.

Anyways, back to last night.

I get to the apartment and Jenny has just started feeding everyone. Louie and I seldom eat a hot meal when Jenny cooks because by the time we get there the other kids have already scarfed down most of it considerably earlier than we arrive. So to eat when everyone else did was a nice change.

While I’m eating I hear one kid ask that Jenny fix them seconds. Then another chimes in about needing a drink. Then another wants ice cream cause she’s done.

By the time everyone is situated and been served, we really are too exhausted to eat. Well, Jenny is. I’m always ready to eat.

Then after dinner we had to go to Home Depot. Yes, Huey wanted to go so she could see her boyfriend. We also took Louie and Larry. Larry gets in these moods some times. When she does, I’m not a very patient person so I wasn’t really in the mood to deal with a tantrum.

Luckily, that didn’t happen.

After we leave Home Depot, back to Jenny’s. While she was folding laundry, I was sitting on the bed debating if I was exhausted enough to actually sleep sitting up while fully dressed.

Then Moe comes in to use the master bath so he can shower, then Larry was asking her mom to kick the older girls out of the bedroom so she could go to sleep and then Curly decides to start singing some show tune. (off key and very loudly)

Finally, the door is shut and locked. We both start to get ready for bed when what do we hear? You guessed it. A knock on the door. In all honesty, I don’t remember who it was because Jenny dealt with it.

I can’t even tell you what time she came to bed, because I was out like a light!

So our few cherished moments of alone time were robbed from us by sleep. Damn you, Sandman!!!

Well, we’ve been planning a camping trip for this weekend for a couple months now. It originally was going to be us and a group of our friends. Due to work obligations and financial restrictions it looks like only one other couple will be joining us.

A few years ago, I would have been completely disappointed by that. But with Jenny, I know I’ll have fun. Hell, how can you go wrong when you have such great company??

She asked me the other day if I was upset that some of our friends cancelled. Truthfully, I hadn’t even worried about who else would be going. I was (am) just so excited to be getting away, alone, with her that it didn’t matter.

So here it is. 6:45. We have a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of us. A tent to put up and air matters to inflate in the dark cold air.

I can’t wait!!

We’ll keep everyone posted as to how much we enjoy the quiet!!


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