Thank you!

I try to keep what I write on here light. All of us have so much going on in our daily lives with work, kids, family, spouses, friends, the list goes on and on; that I want to be able to focus more on the things that make me smile.

I guess this really is a post about the things (or rather the people) that can give me the strength to drag my sorry butt out of bed, day after day, and keep doing what I do.

I’ve mentioned how my boss is an asshat. Yes, that is a technical term. If it’s not, it should be.

Well, yesterday he decided to act like the King of the Asshats! He called all of us in management into a “staff meeting”

There were things he wanted to address and we were all going to listen!

By the end of it, myself and the other supervisor had pretty much been deemed the “root cause” of all the fuck ups that have taken place lately.

The two of us stood there in amazement (and not the good, “WOW, do it again” kind either) as he spewed off a list of deficiencies that he has actually been responsible for. (and he did it all with the overly dramatic flair of a drag queen, too)

When it was all said and done I was as close to quitting my job as I’ve been in my 20 years in this field.

We walked out feeling unappreciated, insulted, and with more work than 2 people can accomplish.

Poor Harry has been given the task of scheduling technicians for outside training, paying for this training (out of his pocket and then waiting for reimbursement because our boss used the company credit card for personal items and we lost it), writing contract proposals, performing my duties between 4 and 5:30 pm all in addition to his regular duties.

Me? I now get to do the “in house” training, documenting and reporting this to corporate, updating the computers, inputting the technicians information to the computer, updating the city’s data base (wait, when did I become a fckn secretary?) and all my regular duties.

Oh, and since we do not have a dispatcher, Harry and I will do that too!

Now, the most confusing part of all this is that the majority of these items actually fall under the job description of “CoMET secretary”. Imagine the surprise our secretary had when she heard that half her work was now being delegated to us. Her first fear was that she was gonna be out of a job.

Well, she doesn’t need to worry. Mr. Asshat has 3 sexual harassment suits against him right now so the ladies up front are safe!

In this meeting we were insulted, threatened, humiliated, called names, talked down to, and told “just do it”.

Did I mention he doesn’t have very good people skills??

Well, I walked out of there more determined than ever to just do my job and go home each day. To tough it out until I’m able to find something else.

At TxDOT I had to deal with stress. But to deal with someone who has no shred of professional decency is worse than what I had experienced before. Lesson learned.

When I got home I had to take Louie to the barn to deal with the pigs. I then went back to the house where I found Jenny waiting for me.

We got in the car and went to the store. I vented and she listened. She rubbed my arm and told me she was sorry I had to deal with that.

Once we got into the store we started talking. About kids, dinner, bills, wasbands (her term but I’m gonna steal it) and our weekend camping trip.

Next thing I knew I was laughing and joking and the day didn’t seem so glum. It almost felt bearable.

We went home, ate dinner and went to be early. The day had wiped me out. According to Jenny, I was out before my head hit the pillow. Unfortunately, something woke me up about an hour later and I was wide awake for at least 2 more hours.

Tossing and turning. Getting up to smoke, getting back in bed. Checking out every noise I heard.

I’m certain poor Jenny didn’t sleep at all. (she’s afraid that my bed doesn’t like her anyways, so she’s a light sleeper to start with)

When I got up at 5, (my new work hours are 7 to 4 so I get to sleep an extra 30 min. The only plus that came from our meeting) she was cheerful, smiling and just beautiful in general.

She made my start to the day a good one. I felt like no matter what Asshat threw at me today, I’d handle it professionally and better than anyone else.

I’m looking for another job. I’m probably going to have to take a pay cut but if it means I don’t become homicidal or an alcoholic, it’s a trade off I’m willing to take.

But having Jenny’s smiling face makes it tolerable until then. Between her and the kids, I actually have a very good reason to do what I do.

And to Jenny? Thank you. I’m grumpy, irascible, loud and moody some days. You don’t have to deal with that in as cheerful a way as you do. I love you and I am grateful each day that you came into my life!



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