Not guilty, your honor. You’d have done it too!!

Today was one of those days.

A day that made me come really close to understanding how some people could actually decide that a life in prison was better than dealing with someone for another minute.

My boss is a grade A asshat. He’s one of those guys who is in his mid forties, and thinks that foreplay is saying, “Hey sis! You awake?”

You’ve probably all met someone like him. All ideas are bad, because he didn’t think of them and any mistakes he made, he did so because YOU didn’t give him all the pertinent information.

This guy is the one and only reason I hate my job.

I dread getting up and going to work. I’ve often thought, “We could be comfortable living in our car” just in an attempt to justify quitting.

Do I? Well, hell no. Haven’t you read a single word I’ve said? I went from having my selfish bachelor lifestyle where I only had 1 full time 16 y/o to raise to now having a wife (for all intensive purposes) and 5 full time kids and my oldest who is probably going to be living with us soon. (apparently she didn’t believe me when I explained that Austin was a fun town, unless you were trying to afford it on a car hop salary)

So here I am. In love with Jenny, loving our kids (even when they’re being cranky, moody, greedy little shits) and fantasizing about new ways to bump off my boss and not get caught.

Oh yeah. We need this weekend away!!



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