I’m gonna take a stand so I don’t go broke.

I am by no means rich. I make a comfortable living, watch my 401K, and try to find the best deal when making purchases. I use coupons and try to live below my means, so I’ve never had a financial crisis that I couldn’t recoup from.

With the addition of 4 kids to my modest lifestyle has caused me to look at my finances a lot more closely.

Jenny and I talk about how I’m not expected to pay for things like groceries, fast food, clothes, toiletries, etc for both houses. My attitude is that I knew exactly what I was getting in to when I decided to spend my life with her, so I have certain financial obligations. We agree that when our leases are up, we may not have fewer bills but we will be more organized, because they will go from 2 of everything down to 1.

Watching all the banking fiascos and the implementation of new fees and charges has gained my attention.

I’ve used Chase for years. I left Wells Fargo several years ago because every time I turned around I was getting hit with a new fee here, a charge there, and fewer perks because I couldn’t maintain a bazillions balance.

Now I’m disillusioned with Chase. My points are getting cut, my fees will go up and I’ll have to pay more for ATM transactions.

After the stunt they pulled a while back with refusing to allow their customers to withdraw their money has now got my attention.

So today I added a new task to my to do list. “change banks”

Perk Street, here I come. Woo me. Dazzle me. Make me feel like I’m your one and only. Or at the very least, don’t make me feel like I’m a burden to you because I maintain a modest balance.


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