One ringy dingy.

Jenny and I have 6 kids between us. 4 are hers, 2 are mine.

Because the kids are such a huge part of everyday life, they are generally a topic of conversation, or, we feel the need to run and hide from time to time so we can have discussions that would “freak out” one or two of the kids.

We have been recently talking about moving in together. Jenny’s just signed another lease and mine was originally for 1 year. Coincidentally, both leases will be up at the same time.

This subject was brought up in the car one day by my daughter, Louie to Huey (Jenny’s 18 y/o).

At the mere mention of it Larry (Jenny’s 12 y/o daughter) had a complete melt down.

Since then we’ve tried to be discreet. We know the course our future is taking and, for fear of sounding pretty selfish, the kids really don’t get a vote.

Their input is considered, but the final decision making process is up to me and Jenny.

This morning, Jenny had to go get some blood work done. The kids were all still asleep so we decided that we’d sneak away and go get her stuff done, stop for a breakfast for 2 and then bring back donuts and kolaches for the kids. (now, I’m gonna interject something. I grew up in north Texas. Wichita Falls, to be exact. Kolaches is just a fancy schmancy way of saying “pig in a blanket”)

Last night we had talked about rings. Both of us wear a ring on our left ring fingers already, and they really have no meaning behind them. But, some lesbian couples have very strong feelings about the exchanging of rings, their meaning, and the perception of others.

Considering Jenny’s background and the fact that she doesn’t like to draw attention to herself, I asked. This morning we continued our discussion over breakfast.

What I’ve gleaned from our conversation is that I will be purchasing a ring in the near future.

For what it’s worth? I’m perfectly ok with that.


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