A day in Austin

Jenny and I always have a crazy schedule.

This past weekend was no exception. Unfortunately, it was one that included a terrific day trip to Austin on Saturday, but miscommunications and grumpiness on Sunday.

I guess we take the good with the bad and chalk it up to experience.

Saturday we took Louie (my 16 y/o daughter) with us to see Dewey (my 18 y/o daughter) in Austin.

She recently moved back after spending about 6 months in Pierre Part, LA with her dad.

Ever seen that show on Discovery or A & E or whatever channel it’s on, called Swamp People? Yeah. That town on the show is where my baby girl was living. And yes, those people are real!

Anyways, the three of us decided to go to Austin to hang out with Dewey and give Jenny a chance to finally meet her. (Dewey liked Jenny right off the bat. Always a good sign)

Our first stop was Pluckers! I love me some Pluckers. For those that have never been, it’s like Buffalo Wild Wings with a burnt orange overdose.

After the four of us ate way too much, and I had my required 2 Zeigenbocks, we decided to hit SoCo.

As we strolled along South Congress we encountered all the sites, sounds and smells I have come to love about Austin.

The street performer that was dressed as the grim reaper, who would stand perfectly still waiting for the perfect moment to leap out and scare a group of coeds; the various musicians that had staged themselves strategically outside the hotshots like Allen Boots and Lucy in Disguise; and the tents displaying local jewelry and crafts by vendors that probably spent more time behind a hookah than a desk.

My favorite shop is always “Uncommon Things”. I’ve never bought anything and probably never will. But walking through, pointing at things like a giant wooden alligator with several baby gators on it’s back, and telling Jenny, “I know EXACTLY where we can put this” made for a fun time. Between her looks of astonished horror that I might actually purchase something, and the realization that someone, somewhere actually saw value in a 5 foot, framed sculpture of a woman’s uterus, made for a few laughs.

After our shopping and eating were done, I gave my kid the prerequisite money that all parents give their grown children from time to time, hugged goodbye and set our course for Houston.

Now, anyone that has ever travelled from Austin to Houston knows that it a 3 hour drive, at best.

We left A-Town at about 8 pm and finally got home at 1 am. Yes. Your math is correct. 5 hours.

One of the things I have always LOVED about Jenny is the way that we can get lost in conversation. Well, that’s exactly what happened Saturday night.

Somewhere between the discussion about religion and crappy B movies (which I love and she hates, by the way) I noticed we had managed to veer off course.

We laughed about it, changed direction, stopped for a bathroom break and finished our trip.

It was a long day. A good day. And above all else, it was a day that I got to spend with three of my favorite women, in a town that I miss living in.




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