Holy Crap

One reason I seriously doubted that I would actually keep a blog was accessibility.

I have 3 laptops, two desktops at work and Jenny has her laptop. But, for some reason (probably pure laziness) I only get online from my phone.

In fact here’s a perfect example of just how technologically ignorant I am.

Me: Hey. I can’t find my blog from my phone. Wtf??

Jenny: did you try typing in the URL?

Me: well hell no. Shit. I have a URL?

Then she sent me the link. That’s love. Or pity. Not sure which.

So I’m surfing around the site and found an app for this blogging stuff. Holy Shit!! An app?!?! I’m all about apps. Pictures?? Hell yeah!! I can upload photos. Ok. I can do this!!

So, I’m sitting in the truck, at the barn, posting on my page from my phone. Maybe I can do this.


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